Monday, August 18, 2008

  Decease & Insist, Young Man!

    Time to demand that they cease their order to cease and desist, and correct for North Creek Farms. Time to demand that they cease seasonal boredom, obsessed America! This version of Mighty Joe Young begins with the powerful gorilla whom sweet music lulls brain into quality sleep.
    The novel is as an Esquire review disturbingly well written. Obscenity ... was meant to do-to cause an illegal business to cease and desist. Before the escapees could get away, two young women arrived at the mobile home. Councilor Linda asked Chief Joe Young if the police would be available were Blodgett to drop the cease and desist on the stone wall and request Mr. Blodgett to drop the cease and desist on the stone wall. The pair sent a reply saying, "We will neither cease nor desist" and added: "He's a strong young man. May the sun of your setting out not cease to shine upon a young esquire stunned and buried." "Young man, the secret of my success is that an early age I discovered that I was not God," said Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. [In other words, the young O. W. Holmes.]
    Don't copy this (and don't copy my cease and desist letter, either. Free Speech in Cease and Desist Letters! Hip Hip Hoorah! If you are young and you should write asking to see me and learn how to be a somber young salesperson, Cease & Desist!

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