Monday, August 11, 2008

Acknowledgment that the Bug Exists

    I was walking and a bug landed near my elbow. I couldn’t ... I was walking and a bug landed near my elbow. I couldn’t tell if it was a mosquito or no but... Well actually I do not know if it was a mosquito or a spider. I asked him if it was a mosquito. "No Señor," he muttered resignedly, "es un jején." “No, senor. You're very kind, but if I were a good salesman, I'd have sold you this rug already."
    This rug displays stunning accents of blue, gold, burgundy, and rust spread across the beautiful patterns of this rug; flanked by stunning accents of luminous 18K gold. Brightens your eyes naturally and sets stunning accents. Pure, luminous shades.
    This incredible pencil brightens your eyes for a younger more alert look. He says it led to an internal memo to ferry employees asking them to be more alert. An Internal memo about urine is promptly leaked. (Weak leak noise and high background noise.) The late Thomas A. Edison, in a penciled memo sold at auction for $230 last week in Philadelphia: "As to the atom, I do not believe it has any internal ..." "I’d say any internal error should always be seen as a bug."
    Weak rulers of the Thirteenth Dynasty led to an internal struggle within the government. Weak rulers who were inefficient and corrupt ruled the roast [sic]. When headless chooks ruled the roost. I ruined the roast. I’ll never forget the smell.
    The tests led to an internal flashover after several days of energization. When the room bursts into flame, flashover has occurred. Bursts into flame · bursts into flame · bursts into flame · bursts into flame · bursts into flame · bursts into flame bursts into flames Bursts Out Laughing.
    “Next, we need to go through the bug list and triage it.” I'm sorry, but I burst out laughing when I saw that one.
    All we're asking for is acknowledgment that the bug exists.

Note: I found the phrase "near my elbow" in a newspaper article, used Google to "Google" it, selected one likely phrase as it appeared in the search list of Google citations, and went from there -- selecting phrases from each "hit" to search for more to add to the story. Finally, I went back and added a couple of "bug" searches.


Joseph Young said...

Linda Franklin:

As a member of the Gooogle legal team, I must ask you to CEASE and DESIST with this line of BlogPosting, as it constitutes a confusement of the Gooogle name, trade, and ActionConcept. I can't even quite understand what it is.

--J. G. L. Young, Esq

Linda C. Franklin said...

Cease Production of ... Young people in particular not some young innocent -- Cease and Desist! you're too young to remember when J.D. Salinger successfully ... Don't copy this (and don't copy my cease and desist letter, either. Free Speech in Cease and Desist Letters! If you are young and you should write asking to see me and learn how to be a somber young salesperson, Cease & Desist... Summer sizzlers cease seasonal boredom, ... obsessed America.